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Concealed Weapons Permit

Instructions for New & Renewal of Concealed Handgun Permits

1. Fill out the State Police's Concealed Handgun Application with no abbreviations, do NOT sign.

  • The application must be signed in front of a Notary or Clerk/Deputy Clerk at the Clerk's Office
  • You must provide a copy of documentation of your competency with a handgun for initial permits only. Please refer to the State Police Website for a list of acceptable documents. (i.e Handgun Safety Course Certificate, Hunter Safety Certificate, Military Discharge Papers)
  • For Renewals please provide a copy of your Concealed Handgun Permit.

2. Deliver the application to the Henry County Circuit Clerk's Office at the Henry County Courthouse located at 3160 King's Mountain Road, Suite B, Martinsville Va with payment of $35.00

3. The Clerk's Office will submit the completed application to the Sheriff's Office for a Criminal Background Check.

4. Once the Sheriff has completed the Criminal Background Check the Judge will sign an order approving or denying the permit.

  • If your permit is approved, the Clerk's Office will perpare your permit.
  • If your permit is denied, you are entitled to an ore tenus hearing within 21 days.

5. The Clerk's Office will then mail you a post card letting you know your permit is ready for pick up.

6. Once your permit is signed the Clerk's Office will laminate your permit for $1.00.


Processing can take up to 45 days.