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SEED Program

Sponsor Garden Program

S.E.E.D. is a donation funded, locality managed program designed to beautify local streetscapes, boost community pride and appreciation, and to encourage future economic development by creating a friendlier roadway environment.

Henry County, in partnership with Gateway Streetscape Foundation and the Virginia Department of Transportation, has developed a sponsor garden program to be implemented throughout the County.  Potential garden sites have been identified and are now available for sponsorship.  As a benefit of sponsorship, an acknowledgment sign will be installed within the sponsored garden.  The garden sites have been selected based on optimum visibility of sponsor signage and plant material display from a vehicular aspect.  Other factors such as topography, soils, drainage patterns, storm water run-off, and existing trees have been factored into the garden designs.  The primary focus of the gardens will be trees as they have the longest and greatest impact as well as the least amount of maintenance.  Shrubs and perennials will be incorporated into the gardens to frame the tree plantings and acknowledgment signage.

Benefits of the S.E.E.D. Program

  • Self-sustaining program utilizing only sponsor funding and no tax dollars
  • Creates a favorable impression for visiting business prospects
  • Creates an environment that will be aesthetically pleasing and inviting to motorists encouraging them to stop and explore our community
  • Encourages motorists not to litter
  • Promotes civic and community pride
  • Provides a model to encourage business landscaping and future roadway landscaping projects
  • Provides an added environmental benefit by filtering storm water of roadway pollutants

Benefits of Becoming a S.E.E.D. Sponsor

  • Every day, many people will see your acknowledgment sign reminding them of the fact that your business or organization cares about our community’s success and appearance
  • Your acknowledgment sign announces that your business or organization is active in our community creating a favorable impression for business prospects, tourists, potential new residents and your customers
  • Your contribution to the program contributes to a great first and last impression of our community

Download a brochure

For more information about this most worthwhile program, please contact:

Henry County Department of Planning, Zoning & Inspection
(276) 634-4620
P O Box 7, Collinsville VA 24078

Located below the following map is a legend with links that provide additional information for each individual site:



US 220 Bypass: Bassett Forks  (6 garden sites)

US 220 Bypass: Fieldale  (5 garden sites)

US 220 Bypass: River Rd. (2 garden sites)

US 220 Bypass: Dillon’s Fork Rd.  (2 garden sites)

US 220 Bypass: US 58W Interchange  (7 garden sites)

US 220 Bypass: Joseph Martin Hwy.  (2 garden sites) 

US 220 Bypass: US 220 Business  (2 garden sites)

US 220 Bypass: Irisburg Rd.  (3 garden sites) 

US 58 Bypass: US 58E  (2 garden sites)

US 220 Business: Cloverleaf  (9 garden sites)