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Tax Information


Taxes make infrastructure and services possible. Henry County would not have public schools, law enforcement protection or public safety entities were it not for the tax revenue provided by County citizens. All localities in Virginia have a personal property tax. Henry County taxes cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, motor homes, trailers, boats and aircraft. The tax is assessed by the Commissioner of Revenue and paid to the County Treasurer.

Tax Rates

Real Estate: 48.8 cents per $100 of assessed value

Personal Property: $1.48 per $100 of assessed value


The cost is $20 for cars, trucks, motor homes and semi-tractor trailers. National Guard members get $10 discount with proper ID. The cost is $8 for motorcycles. Disabled veterans and former Prisoners of War pay nothing for decals, with proper ID. Duplicate decals may be purchased for $1.00 and a portion of the original decal returned.

Business Licenses

Business licenses are a minimum of $30 annually. Please contact the Commissioner of Revenue at (276) 634-4690 or via e-mail at llove@co.henry.va.us for more details.

Dog Tags

Fertile 1 year tag: $5.00

3-year tag: $15.00

Unsexed 1-year tag: $3.00

3-year tag: $9.00

Dog tags can be purchased in the Treasurer's Office in the County Administration Building or by mail.