Beaver Creek Road Extension

The Patriot Centre Industrial Park is home to nearly 4,000 employees at a variety of companies, including Eastman, Monogram Snack Foods, Bassett Furniture and VF.  

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Patriot Centre Industrial Park

1,000 acre site in Henry County

Five grades, shovel ready sites

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Henry County recently welcomed a new tenant for the park – Schock, a German company that makes high-end sinks and other amenities for the modern kitchen and bathroom. Schock chose the Patriot Centre for its first United States operation and will hire 355 local residents.

This addition makes it imperative that road upgrades take place along Beaver Creek Drive inside the Patriot Centre. The Beaver Creek Drive Extension project is essential to the safety and growth of the park.

As part of the Patriot Centre Phase II project, two of the four lanes of Beaver Creek Drive were constructed to Lots 8 and 10, which are now Schock and Eastman properties. Once Schock is operational there will be approximately 500 employees from these two industries traveling in the wrong direction along Beaver Creek Drive. This doesn't account for employees at other businesses in the Patriot Centre that could be in the traffic mix too.

As shown on the exhibits linked on this page, there is an awkward section of Beaver Creek Drive that is unsafe and will be even more problematic as Schock and Eastman build out their capacities at their facilities along this road. The traffic pattern to correct this safety issue is to construct two lanes of Beaver Creek Drive to the next crossover and then back to the existing westbound lanes of Beaver Creek Drive

Not only will the roadway extension resolve a traffic movement issue, it will provide access to Lots 11, 12, and 14 within the industrial park. Henry County worked with the National Guard in 2012 and 2014 to provide Lot 11 for training exercises, so Lot 11 is approximately 50% graded at this point. Work awaits on the rest of Lot 11 and on Lots 12 and 14, but Henry County fully expects these lots to be the future home of national and international companies in the future.

The Beaver Creek Extension project will assist current and future tenants in the Patriot Centre and it will assist the companies in getting their projects to market. Trucks can leave the Patriot Centre and have four-lane access all the way to interstates 81, 77, and 40, getting product to market in a timely and safe manner.

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Tract #2

32 acre Site

Water, electricity, fiber, and more

Zoned I-1 Industrial

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Tract #4

44 acre Site

Water, electricity, fiber, and more

Zoned I-1 Industrial

Tract 4 Brochure

The following link references a PDF file, demonstrating the proposed roadway changes to Beaver Creek Park and construction estimates: Beaver Creek Drive Funding Exhibit