Debtors Interrogatories

Summons to Answer Interrogatories

A Summons to Answer Interrogatories is directed to an individual judgment debtor, directing him or her to appear before the court, to answer questions concerning the type, amount, and location of all assets, real and personal, in which the judgment debtor has an interest. Because this is a post judgment proceeding, any existing case number no longer applies. Each Summons to Answer Interrogatories is a new Civil action; do not assign a previous law action number to any of the Summons to Answer Interrogatories forms. Please schedule an appointment with the Judge's assistant prior to completing and submitting your filing.

Required Documents

Filling Fee

The filing fee is $5 and service by Sheriff is $12 for a total of $17.00

Amounts on the Summons to Answer interrogatories must match those awarded in the Judgment. If no interest is awarded in the Judgment, creditor may claim interest at the legal Judgment rate (VA Code §6.2-302).

If you submit an Attorney Issued Subpoena Duces Tecum to accompany the Summons to Answer Interrogatories and want it served by the Sheriff, you must include and additional $12 service fee. If you want the court to produce a Subpoena Duces Tecum, you must provide the attachments with your request and pay a $5 processing fee in addition to any service fees. Again, you must submit an original plus 2 copies.