February 4, 2019

A small piece of mail could have a big impact on some residents in the Horsepasture community of Henry County.

The Henry County Public Service Authority will send a postcard to residents in the Horsepasture community later this week. This postcard will ask for property-owners to indicate whether they would be interested or not interested in signing up for PSA water service.

“This card allows us to collect data on the interest level among the property owners regarding new water service to that area,” said PSA General Manager Tim Hall. “Saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ does not obligate the property owner to anything. It merely lets us collect information that could lead to a water project. We need anyone who receives that card to fill it out and return it to us, regardless of the answer.”

The PSA uses outside funding agencies to pay most of the cost of water and sewer projects. These funding agencies will not consider assisting with a project unless they know there is sufficient information to make a decision.

“The card helps us go to our partners with hard-and-fast numbers on a project’s chances of success,” Hall said. “There is no obligation on the part of the property owners. We just need to know their preferences, specific to the time they are filling out the card. The card is not a legal document, and there is no legal obligation on anyone based on filling it out.”

The post card will come with a return stamp and mailing address. Additionally, residents may go to a website - www.henrycountyva.gov/watersurvey - and fill out a response.

Residents with questions should call Wade Nester at (276) 634-2570 or Sheila Scott at (276) 634-2553.