September 20, 2019

Paving Work Scheduled for New Segment of Trail
County Asking Folks to Stay Off for Now


There is much excitement about the construction of a new segment of the Dick & Willie Trail – so much, in fact, that it has been hard to keep people out of the construction zone.

Now, County officials are asking folks to please stay away from this segment of the trail for a few more weeks so the paving can take place.

Paving of the new segment known as 6B is scheduled to begin Monday, September 23. Section 6B of the trail will be 2.5 miles long and will link the new Spruce Street trailhead to the Smith River Sports Complex.

“There has been a lot of excitement and interest in the new trail, and we’ve had some folks getting a jump on things by walking and riding their bikes on it already,” said County Administrator Tim Hall. “This section is going to be a wonderful place to enjoy a nice stroll along the Smith River, but for the short term we need folks to be patient and let us finish the work. The last thing we want to happen is have someone get hurt in the work zone.”

Paving is expected to take a few weeks and County officials are hoping for a Fall opening. “It would be great to have this open in time for residents to use it before it gets cold this winter,” said Hall.

The Dick & Willie Trail is a public recreation amenity owned by Henry County. It currently includes 4.5 miles of paved trail.