July 26, 2022

The Henry County Board of Supervisors allocated approximately $121,000 to its Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday that will be used to provide additional salary raises for deputies.

Each deputy with at least three years of continuous service will receive an increase of $100 per year of service, up to a maximum of $3,000.

The raises are intended to alleviate salary compression caused by increases to the minimum pay for deputies. Currently, the starting salary for a deputy in Henry County is $43,160.

While some of the funding for the salary increases will come from the Commonwealth’s Compensation Board, there are a number of positions at the Sheriff’s Office that are locally-funded. For those positions, the Board contributed $50,044 to match the state apportionment.

Approximately 97 deputies will be eligible for the salary increases. The average increase per eligible deputy is $1,000.  

In other matters, the Board:

*Approved an additional appropriation for the Sheriff’s Office in the amount of $25,520 received from State Asset Forfeiture funds to purchase rifle optics on patrol rifles. The replacement optics will improve visibility due to newer technology and provide safer and more accurate equipment for the deputies.

*Approved an additional appropriation for the Sheriff’s Office in the amount of $10,743 received from the U.S. Department of Justice 2020 State Criminal Alien Assistance Program. The funds will be used for deputy overtime to cover staff shortages, special operations, and off site security of inmates during medical procedures.

*Approved an additional appropriation for the Department of Public Safety in the amount of $56,352.56 received from the Virginia Department of Health’s Return to Locality Fund. The funds will be used for emergency medical services (EMS) training, supplies and equipment.

*Awarded a contract to Vest’s Sales and Service, Inc., in the amount of $276,056 to purchase a 2023 Dodge Ram 5500 4x4 Osage Ambulance for the Department of Public Safety.

*Awarded a contract to Excel Truck Group in the amount of $358,020.73 to purchase a 2024 Mack LR front loader garbage Truck for the Refuse Department.

*Approved additional funding for the Blue Ridge Regional Library in the amount of $39,427 using its contingency fund. The library had originally requested an allocation of $774,968 for its fiscal year 2022-23 budget but the board approved level funding of $735,541. The City of Martinsville and Patrick County share in the cost of operating the library system.

*Awarded a contract to Trane Technologies in the amount of $123,958 to purchase a control system for the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system. The purchase will improve energy efficiency and add the ability to monitor and control the HVAC systems for the Administration Building, Sheriff’s Office, Courthouse, Social Services and the Adult Detention Center.

*Held a public hearing and approved a request by Mark and Deborah Minter to rezone approximately 13.48-acres in the Iriswood District from Rural Residential (R-R) to Agricultural (A-1). The applicant wishes to construct accessory buildings that exceed the square footage limitations.