April 14, 2015
Help Us Find You Quickly During an Emergency

When you have an emergency and need assistance quickly from police, fire, or EMS, having your address displayed properly can make all the difference in how fast that help arrives. Locating you quickly can be the difference between life and death.  Displaying your house number incorrectly or not at all could significantly delay emergency responders.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office, Henry County Department of Public Safety, and the Martinsville-Henry County 911 Center have teamed up to help remind Henry County citizens of the importance of displaying their address properly.  Bright orange door hangers have been printed and will be distributed to all emergency responders.  As locations are identified where addresses are not posted properly, a door hanger will be left for the property owner.  The door hanger is intended to remind the property owner of the importance of properly displaying their address.  On the door hanger you will find detailed instructions on how to properly display your address

Henry County ordinance Section 16-232 explains the proper procedure for posting and displaying your house number; “Your house number shall be posted in a place that is visible and legible from both directions of your primary street.  The numbers shall be 3 inches high and 1 inch wide made of durable material on a contrasting background.  The numbers should be posted on the habitable structure itself or on an auxiliary structure, fence, wall, mailbox or post near both the access drive and named road.  Any other conflicting or confusing markings shall be removed.” 

Please help us help you by taking care of this important matter before there is an emergency that could result in delay of emergency responders finding you due to your house number not being displayed properly.

If you have any questions please reach out to the Henry County Sheriff’s Office 656-4200, or the Department of Public Safety 634-4660.