July 5, 2016

With the term of two long-standing board members set to expire, the Henry County Board of Supervisors is seeking County residents with an interest in serving on the Henry-Martinsville Social Services Board.  The Board has many responsibilities including making policy and preparing budgets for the local social services department. 

“The Department of Social Services plays a vital role in helping individuals and families triumph over poverty, abuse and neglect,” said Jim Adams, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “We are looking for County residents with compassion for others and a desire to support the mission of the department.”

Members of the Henry-Martinsville Social Services Board can serve up to two terms of four years each.  The Board regularly meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 3:00 p.m.  Individuals with an interest in serving on the Social Services Board can submit an application for consideration from the County’s website at www.henrycountyva.gov .  The Board of Supervisors is expected to consider the applicants at its regular meeting on July 26, 2016.   The complete list of duties, responsibilities, and qualifications of Board members are also available on the County website.

Questions about the Social Services Board should be directed to the Tanya Verlik, Director of Henry-Martinsville Social Services, at 276-656-4300 or the County Administrator’s Office at 276-634-4601.