Martinsville Reversion

Welcome to the Henry County website and our page devoted to the reversion process. The issue of the City of Martinsville reverting to a town, and becoming part of Henry County, has come up repeatedly over the past few years. However, on December 10, 2019, City Council voted to begin the process of reversion.

Reversion is a highly complex legal procedure that allows for a city to downgrade its municipal status to that of a town. In doing so, a city can transfer many of its standard services to the surrounding county. This saves the city money but costs the county money.

Usually, the process involves many years of legal maneuvers, public hearings, and negotiations, and sometimes it can be hard to understand and follow. In addition, as a reversion process wraps up, the attention usually turns to the new town’s ability to annex portions of the surrounding county and make those areas part of the new town. In other words, reversion shifts cost from the city to the county; annexation actually forces part of the county into the new town.

By developing this informational website, Henry County hopes to inform our citizens and City of Martinsville citizens on the process and the potential impacts on our area. This is not an attempt to definitively answer all questions regarding the process of reversion; many questions we simply don’t know until we get into the process.

Rather, this is an attempt to get the basics to you. We will update this site as we move forward through the process.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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