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The following documents and links are related to reversion and come from numerous sources, such as Virginia Legislation, the Code of Virginia, the City of Martinsville, and consultants. We hope that you find each one useful in learning more about this complex issue. A hyperlinked index of all reversion related documents is also available.

The Code of Virginia has an entire chapter dedicated to the transition of City to Town status.  The following two documents highlight many of the procedures and timelines of this process while outlining various parties involved:

Reversion of a City to Town Status, Chapter 41, Title 15.2 of Virginia Law

Overview and Procedure for City to Town Reversion

The Commission on Local Government has created a document for the purpose of highlighting both the positive and negative effects of reversion.

Pros and Cons of Reversion

The Commission on Local Government offers a number of incentives to localities that consolidate services, which may serve as an alternative to reversion.

Consolidation Incentives

The Commission on Local Government prepared the following report for the General Assembly as alternatives to annexation.

Report on Annexation Alternatives

Henry County's Overview and Financial Analysis of Martinsville Reversion Presentation

Printable Brochure about Reversion and its Impact on Henry County

The following documents were created by or for the City of Martinsville and do not necessarily represent the views, thoughts, or beliefs of the Henry County Board of Supervisors and staff. The data has not been independently verified for accuracy. 

The following presentation was made to City Council in December in which reversion was recommended.

Martinsville Town Status Presentation

The City of Martinsville hired an accounting firm to produce this report projecting the financial impact of reversion.

Prospective Financial Impact Evaluation

The City of Martinsville commissioned the following study concerning school consolidation.

Feasibility for Consolidating Schools Study

The City's Commissioner of the Revenue prepared the following presentation as a guide to the possible changes in tax rates for City and County residents/businesses.

Tax Impact on Residents and Businesses

The City and County will need to stay in communication with each other and work together during this process.

Correspondence March 2017

Correspondence December 2019

Correspondence March 2020

Correspondence May 2020

Correspondence July 2020

A former County Administrator wrote the attached academic paper to detail the reversion process.  It includes a pair of case studies for localities that have undertaken the reversion process, giving retrospect from both City/town and County perspectives.

City Reversion in Virginia - A Primer for Local Government (academic paper)

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