Henry County invites the submission of nominations for the Annual Fire/Rescue Appreciation Day Awards Program. 

About the Awards: The purpose of the awards program is to recognize outstanding contributions to the Henry County Emergency Services System.  Award categories have been established for Outstanding Volunteer Firefighter, Fire Officer of the Year, Outstanding Volunteer Rescue Squad Member, Rescue Officer of the Year, and Outstanding Junior Member of the year.  Special awards may also be given. 

Who may nominate for the awards: Any person is eligible to submit a nomination for the awards.  The person making the nomination should have extensive knowledge of the nominee's qualifications for the award.  The Awards Selection Committee may also make nominations in situations such as the lack of nominations in a category or a heroic deed unrecognized by fellow volunteers.

Presentation of Nominations: 

  1. Nomination Form: Use the form below for nomination. 
  1. Qualifying Information: Prepare a brief statement (1 page minimum but not more than three pages, or 500-1500 words) that describes the nominee's qualifications. 

Nominations must be received by the Awards Selection Committee no later than Friday, April 12, 2019

If the form below does not load, please click here to be taken to the form.