Water Treatment

Our goal is to educate you, our valued customers, on the water treatment process and the safety of your drinking water.

The delivery of safe, clean water to your homes and businesses is a service that is often taken for granted. Many people do not realize all of the time and effort that goes into the treatment of water.

Water treatment is essential to preparing water for use by individuals. Bacteria and waterborne illnesses must be completely removed before the water can be used or consumed.  Illnesses such as cryptosporidiosis, cholera, typhoid, giardiasis, etc. can be contracted by humans. Using treatment methods such as chlorination, sedimentation, and filtration will remove such unwanted elements from your water.

Here is a basic rundown of how our water treatment process works. When the raw water first enters our plant a coagulant is added to help bond together the solids that are in the water. Also a small amount of fluoride is added, and pre-chlorination occurs. Once the chemicals are added, the water travels through 2 flash mixers that make sure the chemicals are mixed throughout the water evenly. Next, the water travels through three flocculators where gentle mixing occurs and gives time for the coagulant to work and bond the solids together to make larger floc. Now the water travels through the sedimentation basins. It travels at a slow rate of speed to give time for the floc to settle out before reaching the filters. Water then travels through the filters where any floc that didn't settle is filtered out. After filtration, post-chlorination occurs and lime is added to adjust the pH. Next the water is pumped from our plant out into the distribution system for delivery to your homes and businesses.