Tests We Perform

Twice Daily:

                         Raw Water Alkalinity                       Finished Water Hardness

                         Applied Water Alkalinity                  Raw Water Hardness

                         Finished Water Alkalinity                 Carbon Dioxide Levels In Raw

                         Fluoride Level                                 Carbon Dioxide Levels in Applied

                         Water Temperature   


                         Split Fluoride Sample with State Laboratory

                         30 Bacteriological Samples throughout the distribution system


                        Total Organic Carbon (TOC) - Raw Water and Combined Filter Effluent            

                        Total Trihalomethanes (TTHM) - Throughout distribution system

                        Total Haloacetic Acids (HAA5) - Throughout distribution system

Every 2 hours:

                         Chlorine- Applied and Finished Water

                         pH- Raw, Applied, and Finished Water

                        Turbidity- Raw, Applied, and Finished Water

Continuous Monitoring:

                         pH-Raw, Applied, and Finished Water

                         Turbidity- Raw, Applied, and Finished Water, and at all 4 filters.

                         Chlorine- Finished Water

                         Flow Rates- Raw and Finished Water, also flow rate through filters

                         Stream and Current Monitor (SCM) - Monitors treatment chemical dosage.