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On December 10, 2019, the Martinsville City Council voted to revert to town status. It memorialized that action in a resolution dated January 28, 2020, and it initiated the pending proceeding before the Commission on Local Government on September 18, 2020.  The “City of Martinsville” will become the “Town of Martinsville” at a date yet to be determined, and Town residents will become County residents.

Henry County and its citizens cannot stop reversion. Under the Code of Virginia, a city with a population less than 50,000 may initiate reversion merely with a vote of that city’s governing body. No referendum is required of city residents or of residents from the surrounding locality, in this case, Henry County. Henry County tried numerous times to establish a referendum requirement through action by the General Assembly, but the proposed legislation never passed. Henry County may participate in the process before the Commission on Local Government, but it cannot stop reversion. At best, it can ask for terms and conditions that will lessen reversion’s impact on the County.

Regardless of whether the localities reached a negotiated settlement or if the process played out over many years in the court system, Henry County has no choice but to assume responsibility for the following services following reversion:               

  • Educating all Martinsville school students – there will be no Martinsville school system, and all students will become part of the Henry County school system
  • Taking over duties such as Treasurer, Commissioner of the Revenue, Elections and Registrar, Jail and Corrections, Commonwealth’s Attorney, and all court systems
  • Taking on 100% of the local costs for Social Services and Health Department

Transitioning these services to the County and providing these services will be very expensive!

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